How to find a good painter

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A good painter is that who have been professionally trained and have past experience of Painting services, before hiring a painter for Paint Wall we ensure that Painter is experienced with years and his workmanship is fine, before hiring on roll we keep new painters on trail and keep them under observation with our supervisors, So at Paint Wall you will find good Painter Near you.

How to choose Paint Colour for home

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While finalising a colour for home is difficult task for household so we recommend while selecting Colour for your house Paint you should think of your Other materials which are already placed in your room, Like flooring colour, your furniture colour , your fabric colour and all other element’s colour which are being used in your room, How much day light comes in your room is also very important to choose a colour. If there is much sun light then you can use darker colour as well but at the same time there is shortage of daylight then you must go with neutral colours. Also, you can highlight one of your walls with little darker tone than others it would give attention to one wall which you would like to highlight.

How costing is decided for Painting a house

Paints have different varieties and so prices also vary to each other. Painting cost decide upon two factors one is whether Walls are new finished or old walls. If there is new constructed wall then more work will be required like two coat of putty after POP then primer coat then Repair and final two or more coats of final paints,  and at the same time if there is old walls they are just repaired with putty and touch up with primer and final two or more coats of paints, So these all factors would work to decide a cost for House painting

How area is measured while Painting a house

In general measurements are being done manually and area is calculated by Sq ft by multiplying height of wall into its width of wall and reduces if window or gates comes. But for a rough idea while quoting rates and PI we just multiply carpet area with 3.5 then tentative covered area we get. For example, if there is a room of 10 feet by 10 feet that means its covered carpet area is 100 Sq ft So if we Multiply 100 by 3.5 We would get 350 Sq ft. For clarification we tell you first of wall there must be a ceiling of 10*10 if room size is of 100sq ft , there must be four walls and all will of 100sq ft means
Ceiling 100sq ft and four walls 400 Sq ft Total become 500 Sq ft but in general case all 1Room there is windows and gates on one or two walls So we for quoting for general practice consider it 350Sq ft and actual measurements taken after finishing the job.

How Much cost for Painting House

There are large segments in Paints so prices are also very different. Like distemper to Royale paints we at Paint Wall charges minimum to our clients so we have starting range from 14 Rs per sq ft to 35 Rs per Sq ft, We quote accordingly so that everyone have some scope to save, Before quoting for job of Painting Services we visit place and see conditions of walls then we quote our final price. It also depend upon which paint client want to get done because all paints have different applications and methods some seeks much attention of Painters and some does not so prices are dependable on Paints which you would like to get done.

How much time take to Paint a room

Again this is depend upon whether it is fresh paint work or old paint work , if it is a fresh room then after POP Two coat of Putty then primer afterward final coats of selected paint so in general for painting a new room of 100Sq Ft take three to Four  days to complete its Painting work because putty needs to time to dry and also after one coat of paint when it is dry then only second or third coat can be done but at same time it is old work then it would take two days to complete a room because after repair with putty final coats of paint is being done.

How Long does painted wall remain Good

It depends upon what paint we have used and also if there is good ventilation in room then walls can breath and paint would long last but at the same time there is shippage of leakage of water from bathroom on walls then paint would peel off from its putty source and will be damaged, But generally oil paints are long lasting as they are washable and cleanable but water paint is not 100% washable so Oil Paints long last and durable for years.