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The Purpose behind establishing Paint wall is Social Entrepreneurship, During Lockdown we seen all commercial activities were banned and restricted due which many of families faced challenges, We found that everyone were suffered weather it was salaried or daily wage workers, But worst condition happened with daily wage workers who generally work on daily wage system, So we found that daily wage workers start moving from cities to their region by foot as there was no means of transport at that time, we seen that many of them were not having even slippers to walk, So we distributed Slippers and ration to migrants daily wage workers and made plan to help daily wage workers so we started this business with name of Paint Wall. We are not here to make profit for our own, We are working for Non-Profit Organization, which is Pushti Foundation 90% of our Net Profit will be used for betterment and upliftment of the lives of our painter’s family.

Here, at Paint wall, working for Pushti Foundation, the sole purpose of this entrepreneurship is to make painters’ family lives better.

How we will do this:

  • We will provide Social Security to them by providing Health Insurance for the whole family so that in case of emergency they can directly go to any good private Hospital for treatment
  • We will provide New Clothes to their children each quarter
  • We will provide 2 pairs of shoes to their children
  • We will provide one good school bag and one bag for tuition
  • We will provide story and other supplementary books for enhancing their knowledge, apart from school syllabus books
  • We will take out our painter’s children for outdoor activities such as for lunch in Good Restaurants, for a Movie, Gaming activities and many more activities

Please be a part of our family and help families of Daily wage workers

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Due to High Demand of Painters in season of festivals professional painters are not available, We at Paint Wall provides professional painters for home decoration. We do provide training to our painters time to time for better workmanship, here you will find one roof for all solution regarding Painting services. We have professional House Painters near your location. We have been doing this work for years and so we have committed team for Painting services near you, We would like you to give us one chance to prove us with your commitment of work, we do provide painting services at very reasonable charges, our priority is to satisfy our clients.